Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Roses and Hope is not dead, only sleeping. Well, not actually sleeping--more like standing wide-eyed with abated breath, wondering if it will live or die. It will live. I just got distracted by the temporary un-tabernacling of my wife. She's back now, and of course there's a song.

If you leave me, wait 'til tomorrow.
It's not easy to watch you fly.
Maybe the light of dawn
will fall upon the tears I try to hide,
and you might stay
and we won't say goodbye.

If you leave me, wait 'til November.
That's the season when the beauties fall.
Maybe that autumn wind
will chill your skin, and my arms might be your shawls,
and warm with me,
you might not leave at all.

If you love me, wait 'til forever,
and Heaven's breezes kiss your faithful eyes.
After the pain is gone
we'll travel on, your wings entwined with mine--
and still in love, we'll rise above the skies.

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  1. Marvin, you're amazing! I just found this blog and caught up with everything you've been doing. I hope this song will be on "Roses and Hope" -- it's beautiful! Can't wait to have it. -- Lisa